Smart, Secure, Decentralized Blockchain Healthcare Infrastructure

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As Apple CEO Tim Cook has said, healthcare market makes smartphone market look small. The United States has the biggest healthcare industry in the world, spending approximately $3 trillion a year. By 2018, healthcare will comprise close to 18% US gross domestic product – a sizable market opportunity for a new generation of entrepreneurs selling innovations to the industry, the government, and increasingly directly to consumers. Global healthcare spend projected to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020. In the United States and Europe, 2018 will be a tipping point for mainstream adoption of popular digital health solutions such as wearables, telehealth and other clinical applications.



Healthcare is evolving as the industry undergoes significant change. Companies must adapt to new technologies to remain an asset within the industry and sustain growth in today’s environment. As the current healthcare industry payments, products and patients outcome uncertainties are subjected to more and more pricing pressures, regulatory compliance and the new world realities of value, data and outcomes, health systems will need to implement new technological, business and clinical operating models to deliver scalable, efficient, trusted and high-quality care, and to reduce waste, redundancies, fraud and costs that threaten system sustainability.



Gainfy brings innovative, efficient, collaborative, blockchain and AI enabled solutions to critical challenges in global healthcare such as easy, secure, trusted and value care delivery model while putting patients at the center of care, improving chronic care management, addressing secure medical data management protocols and better aligning economic incentives with desired outcomes. Gainfy platform enables health care patents, providers, payers, pharmaceutical and life science companies have efficient, trustworthy and secure data management, anticipate patient needs, reduce costs, and improve overall health outcomes in the US and globally.


Blockchain-based Healthcare