KYC Requirements

In order to comply with Gainfy Foundation’s legal and regulatory requirements, only the following KYC documents are accepted:

1. Proof of Identity Documents:

National ID card
National Passport
International Passport

NOT Accepted:
Residence permits
Driving licenses
Donor ID card
TAX ID card
Voter ID card, etc.

The following details must be clearly visible:
– Personal photo
– All personal names
– Date of birth
– Document serial number
– Issuing date of the document
– Expiry date of the document
– Issuing authority

For Proof of Address verification is Accepted and required only one of the following documents:

1. Utility bills (electricity, gas, water, waste, etc.) less than 6 months old

2.Document issued by a Bank less than 6 months old

3.Document from Municipality/Government Agency/Tax Authorities – most recent

4.Not expired National ID Card/Passport (all sides) if the address is shown in the document

5.Other documents issued by the Government where the names and the address are shown

The following details must be clearly visible:

– Issue date

– Issuing authority’s official letter head/logo

– Personal names of the Member

– Detailed address

– Official sign and stamp of the issuing authority

Gainfy Foundation DO NOT Accept as Proof of Address the below documents:

1.Mobile phone bills, Invoices from Telecommunication companies

2.Courier receipts

3.Documents issued from

?Pension funds

?Insurance agencies

?Securities and Investment Funds

?Companies provided money transfer services (Western union, Money gram, IRemit, etc.)

?Schools, Colleges, Universities

4.Invoices from stores

5.Credit/debit card statements issued from store chains

6.Receipt/Invoices from Clinics/Hospitals, Pharmacies

7.Taxes for pets, etc.

KYC documents MUST meet the following criteria:

1. Handwritten documents are not accepted, even if there is a signature & stamp

2. All submitted KYC documents must be written with Latin letters. Otherwise only official translation of the document signed and stamped by a certified translator together with the copy of the original document must be provided. KYC documents not written with Latin letters and without official translations will be Declined.

3. The details written on the uploaded documents as name, address, country, ID number, expiry date, etc. must exactly match with the information filled in by you on the menu Profile > Main information. Otherwise the KYC documents will be Declined.

4. Acceptable documents formats are: PDF, JPEG (.jpg) and PNG (.png)

5. Max file size of the documents must be up to 6 MB

6. Once uploaded the documents can not be deleted, but upon new uploading the old files are replaced with the new ones

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