Is there a minimum or maximum of GAINCASH (GNC) tokens I can buy?

Minimum Contribution:

The minimum contribution during the crowdsale is 0.01 BTC or its equivalent in other means.

Maximum Contribution:

In order for token-based network to be the most-effective, we believe a wide distribution of tokens is desirable. Our goal is maximize both quantity and quality of token-holders. 

To achieve this effect, we will be implementing Dynamic Ceilings during the contribution period to make it more costly for larger contributors, in the form of transaction fees with minimal impact to smaller contributors.

With Dynamic Ceilings we can limit the maximum amount that can be deposited for any given ceiling. This means that larger contributors would have to split up their transactions into much smaller ones, thereby incurring more costs per transaction. If a transaction goes beyond the ceiling, it is thrown.

The height of the ceiling will be revealed during the Contribution Period. The margin difference between each ceiling starts to shrink as smaller contributors start filling up the allocation.

The initial ceiling of 5mm GAINCASH (GNC) is intentionally larger and made known to incentivize larger contributors. That is, during this ceiling they can contribute a larger amount in one transaction and therefore incur less fees.

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