Vesting and Bonuses

Gainfy Network is not just a network for Healthcare, it is also a network of people and organizations. It will be made successful through the work of all its participants, for many years to come. We aim to make Gainfy Network massively valuable in the long-term, and we want to attract investors similarly interested in long-term value creation and growth.

Vesting  creates  long-term alignment. ​Long-term vesting is a powerful way to strongly incentivize early network participants to improve the network and increase the value of Gainfy Network for years to come. Gainfy Network and Gainfy Foundation are deeply committed for the long-term, and 2-year vesting proves that to all other network participants.

Vesting is tough with volatility. ​We do understand that — especially for smaller investors — a lock up with typical crypto asset volatility can be hard to deal with.

Rewards for vesting. ​Therefore, instead of forcing long-term vesting for investors, we reward it with bonuses, and we provide multiple options that can fit different risk profiles.

The vesting schedule for each participating group is as follows:

● Advisors: ​1 year minimum (pre-sale), 6 months minimum (public sale)

● Foundation: ​2 years vesting schedule with 6 month cliff

● GAINCASH rewards: 1st year vesting with an option to linear weekly redemption schedule

For pre-sale investors, the following vesting periods and discounts are available:

● 6 month vesting, 10% bonus, $10,000 minimum contribution

● 1 year vesting, 15% bonus, $15,000 minimum contribution

● 2 year vesting, 20% bonus, $25,000 minimum contribution


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