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Confirmiex is more committed than ever to keeping communities safe, healthy, and informed.

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    Screening, Testing, and Monitoring
    For public and Private Sector.

    Well-being Matters

    We are living in unprecedented times. Everyone is wondering if this is the new normal. If it is, how will it affect our lives and influence mobility both in the short and long-term and what can we do about it?

    Confirmiex can Help you Stay Safe

    How people interact with everyday environments is set to change. Confirmiex’s people flow expertise, together with a range of health and well-being solutions, will help recreate safer user journeys and healthy spaces in your buildings.

    Well-being Matters.

    Health and
    Well-being Solutions.

    Comprehensive Products & Servies:

    • Testing Facilities
    • Testing Offsite(s)
    • Testing Vehicles
    • Testing Temporary Clinics
    • Testing Equipment
    • Testing and Vaccination
    • Monitoring Technology For Private and Public Places
    • Vaccine Administration
    • Certified and Trained Staff 
    • Security & Equipment
    • Signage
    • Developing Entrance Protocols & Guidelines 
    • Ongoing Monitoring
    Social and Environmental Compliance

    The services, products, or solutions described here as Confirmiex and well-being solutions promote health and well-being. However, the solutions do not ensure that no diseases or infections will occur at premises where they are being used. Confirmiex cannot be held liable for any infections or diseases occurring at such facilities or the resulting medical consequences.

    Confirmiex is offering services to large employers, governments, and institutions geared at getting their employees/members back to work safely, including testing for the novel coronavirus, analytics to monitor symptoms and hotspots, and services like temperature monitoring.

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