Gainfy is changing the way insurance, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, labs and research companies adopting new ways of engaging their members and moving towards patient-centered, outcome-oriented medicine

  • Engage your members to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Connect directly with opted-in patients for research and trials
  • Use the big data analytics to gain insights of the data from various sources
  • Leverage  AI analytics to improve data quality, increase efficiencies, reduce errors and costs
  • Make personalized medicine possible for everyone and enhance your value in the healthcare ecosystem


Develop, connect and showcase your application with Gainfy Ecosystem. Get reacher data by integrating GainFit into your existing app.

  • Get ahead of your competitors by powering your app with GainFit API and SDK
  • Enhance privacy, security and permission management
  • Comply with HIPAA and GDPER consent requirements
  • Request access to extensive sources of variety of user data (social, financial, health, etc)


Gainfy is changing the way consumers connect with brands, by boosting engagement and building brand loyalty.

  • Engage your brand interaction with consumers
  • 100% Pay-for-Performance
  • Real-time insights and analytics
  • Drive sales with retailer specific offers
  • Track every purchase


Gainfy is changing how retailers drive their sales and building their global audience.

  • Reach millennials globally
  • Drive in-store purchases
  • Grow sales, acquire and retain new customers
  • Gain customer loyalty with engaging content and drive results
  • Gather relative insights from your target audiences


Gainfy is putting opt-in user data to work, analyzing insights with AI and analytics.

  • Highly-engaged user base driven by financial rewards
  • Extensive geo-location, demographics and behavioral data sources
  • Instantaneously poll thousand of customers and trigger accurate surveys
  • Understand brand market indicators and true ROI
  • Understand the analytics data that drive conversion