Ben Chodor brings over 25yrs of experience as a leader in the world of Business Video & Digital Health.

Ben was Co-Founder & Ceo of Happtique & Founder of Stream57 & Former Global head of Streaming & Virtual Events at InterCall, Ben was the tireless driving force behind the innovative streaming & virtal events team. Ben has spent his career pioneering online communications through interactive and streaming content, and founded Stream57 on his wealth of experience merging the healthcare, pharmaceutical, video and technology fields. After selling his company to the InterCall family in December 2009, Ben lead the development arm of the company with his energetic & incomparable passion for technology.

Ben, was the driving force in aquiring Unisfair in a leading Virtual Event company. His goal was to integrate Intercalls best of breed streaming technology with Unisfairs to create the best and largest Virtual Events organization in the world.

Ben joined Happtique as it’s CEO & Co-Founder and believes that mHealth is the future of Healthcare and Happtique had positioned itself as the true game changer in the efforts to connect providers, patients and technology.

A highly sought after mHealth, Technology & Streaming Media speaker and moderator, Ben has presented at major conferences around the world and has had the honor of testifying before the United States Congress. Ben hosted mHealth Zone Live, ( a weekly radio show that showcases the latest on mHealth apps and technology.

Launched in 2012, mHealth Zone Live has had over one million listeners and was a top 300 show on Blogtalkradio. Ben proud to serve as a mentor w/Blueprint Health a startup accelerator in NYC & as an investor and Board Member for Sherpa Digital Media, investor and co-founder of & Advisor w/ReliefBand & as a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine.

He is a founder of HealthTech Talk Live Show, broadcasted live weekly on iHeart Radio / Clear Channel nationwide from 640 WGST AM. The show now is syndicated globally. The show interviews the front-page emerging Health Tech innovators and Titans about the latest in digital health technology, human ingenuity, bio-tech medical advancements and health tech capital market trends, how the experts use risk management techniques and clinical trials to build fully diversified portfolios and what it takes to put up big board earnings from making people healthier.