Brian McConnell is the former NFL player, Ex President of Sales, Solectron Force Computers. Currently serves as the Vice President at NFL Alumni Association, and the Chief Operating Officer at HPN Neurologic.

He is an accomplished senior executive sophisticated in corporate environments, with an emphasis on software engineering, information technology and data communication products; telephone services targeted toward Fortune 1000 businesses, domestic and international government accounts. Expert in start-up, pre-IPO, mergers and acquisitions and have successfully launched Global marketing programs in a multitude of markets and disciplines with an emphasis on China and Asia. Complete background in Telecom Worldwide with contacts at the highest levels domestically and internationally.

He has extensive background in Bioscience; stem cell therapy,  digital encryption software, digital signal operating system software and all facets of telecommunications.

He is a sitting Board Member of Shamrock Oil & Gas, Purgo-Creations andGroup III Ireland.

He is highly knowledgeable in and experienced with the fields of Bio-technological energy, aerospace
operations to delivery, and familiar internet carriers in Asia and Europe.

He is an advisor to US Secret Service and ICE (immigrations customs and enforcement) DOD and Homeland Security.