Mallika Ramamurthy is a Business advisor and Technology Enablement professional providing innovative solutions to client problems, a ‘Technology Evangelist’ who  believes that technology can be make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

Former Director of Business Development, Delivery of Process and Technology Solutions at KPMG US.

Mallika’s  career progression in Information Technology has taken her on the journey through the various generations of innovations that have powered the knowledge revolution.

As an enterprise Architect, she has created strategic and tactical roadmaps for digital and finance transformation programs and helped clients realize value and deliver successful outcomes from information technology investments.

She has defined and supported sustainability and operational initiatives by defining and setting up  leading business practices and process optimization measures, based on insights and experience gained by working on various software solutions .

Mallika is certified in ‘Fintech and Blockchain’ from Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)  and  in Hyperledger / Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) from edX.