Gainfy is not about only providing blockchain solutions to improve healthcare security. Gainfy is about finding the way to make a difference. Our core value is that we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better.


We strive to foster an ethical company culture by continuously asking the key question, “Do our actions reflect our values of Innovation, Collaboration, Courage, Integrity, Trust, Accountability and Commitment?”


We believe that everyone should have free access to trusted, data-driven and unbiased facts when making healthcare decisions. Our values and ethics guide us in our day-to-day decisions and interactions with everyone involved and with whom we do business.


We are committed to high standards of business ethics and to complying with all applicable healthcare laws, rules and regulations, and to using blockchain innovative technology to protect our user’s personal and health information.

Blockchain base technologies present opportunities for disruptive innovation.
It enables secure transactions with less friction and more trust.

Our Story

Our Mission

Create the future where every person has an easy access to transparent and affordable healthcare services by building smart, secure, decentralized healthcare proprietary infrastructure powered by cryptocurrency and ethereum blockchain.

Our Vision

Accelerate healthcare innovation using decentralized blockchain and distributed ledger technologies establishing a secure data management and cryptocurrency payment platform.


GAINFY is built on Ethereum to gain large audience, a decentralized blockchain network. Utilizing this technology, our markets can effectively eliminate counter party risk and centralized servers while creating a global market by employing many layers of cryptocurrencies including GAINCASH token.


GAINFY is a Decentralized Health and Wellness Market Platform and Data Management Infrastructure, built on Blockchain technology. Gainfy market allow users to buy and sell health and wellness services and earn tokens. The current market price of a token is based on the probability of the average scale of secured transactions.


Patients improve their health and time management, to access data-driven and unbiased provider and payor network, to monetize and have control over their clinical data management, and to earn and redeem GAINCASH tokens. Healthcare providers and payors improve work efficiency, have access to comprehensive patient care and secure data management.

Our Team

We’re building a new kind of blockchain healthcare company—combining data, technology, and passion for innovation.

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • gainfy

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • gainfy

    Chief Product Officer

  • gainfy

    Financial Architecture Advisor, Chief Information Officer, Lending Platforms at IBM

  • gainfy

    Healthcare Innovation Strategy Advisor, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer at Mylan

  • Healthcare Alliance Advisor, Chief Executive Officer at Cascade Comprehensive Care (CCC) & Cascade Health Alliance (CHA)

  • gainfy

    Corporate Tax Strategy Advisor, Partner at KBL, LLP

  • jay roberts gainfy

    Healthcare Operations Advisor, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Finance at Cancer Genetics, Inc., Chairman of the Board and incoming President-elect of the Drug Information Association (DIA)

  • Marketing Strategy Advisor, Former Co-Founder & Ceo of Happtique & Founder of Stream57 & Former Global head of Streaming at InterCall

  • Data Architecture Advisor, Data Geek, Adjunct Professor, University of Pennsylvania

  • gainfy

    Token Structure Advisor, Mastermind, Cryptocurrency

  • International Law Advisor, Partner at O'Neill and Company, and international legal advisory, Chairman at Teocom Ltd., Chief Executive Officer at Fastnet Broadband Ltd., Executive Chairman at QoS Networks Ltd.

  • Strategic Partnerships Advisor, Former NFL player, Former President of Sales, Solectron Force Computers

Solution Partners

Gainfy global partners playing leading role in driving innovation, creating impactful social change and fostering global economic growth.