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Data is everywhere, even where you least expect to find it.

In this digital age of information, harnessing your data to inform strategy, drive insights and uncover opportunities is a necessity for your organization to succeed. Data can give you a competitive edge, but it only means something when you know where it’s coming from and what you can do with it.

We work with our clients to identify key data points, develop well-defined lineage paths, obtain clear insights, and create actionable plans based on the findings. We excel at distilling the plethora of information available into intelligence that actually means something, and more importantly, you can do something with.

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Services we offer

Data Management

  • Diagnostics and Health Checks
  • Data and Analytics Mapping
  • Data Controls & Testing
  • Knowledge Managemen

Data Governance

  • Project & Program Health Checks
    & Audits
  • PMO Maturity Assessments
  • Strategic Initiatives Prioritization
  • Program Management Office
    Framework Development
  • Diagnostic Assessments
    & Recommendations

Data Analytics

  • Program/Project Management
    Governance & Policy Development
  • Program/Project Classification Models
  • PPM Intake Process Design
  • PMLC & Stage-Gating Design
    & Improvement
  • Project Portfolio Reporting Design

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