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Future of
Artificial Intelligence
+ Data-Driven

Digital navigation tools that empower patients,
providers, and payers delivering a highly connected, seamless experience along every step in the
care journey

Integrated System

Gainfy Healthcare Intelligent Network is Connected, Unified & Augmented.

The healthcare industry and the innovations that are shaping our well-being globally are evolving at an unprecedented rate.  Gainfy combines technology-enabled communications with clinical resources to help your organization effectively and engage patients beyond the clinical setting, across the continuum of care.

Machine Learning + AI

Empower everyone to become insights-driven with AI-powered analytics, Predictive and NLP tools.

Data Fabric + Integration

Provide an agile data infrastructure that unifies your data, networks, APIs and Ecosystem.

Event-driven Applications

Native architectural models of IoT, and share, manage, govern important data assets securely.

Data Science & Streaming

Analyze real-time data and automate decisions: connect intelligence and action.


We innovate with purpose & use science to create a real impact in every life around the world.


We are committed than ever to keeping communities safe, healthy, and informed.

Exclusionary Focused On


Conducive to our customers and tackling some of the biggest challenges in healthcare with increased collaboration, practical innovation, and problem-solving at scale.

Healthcare Products

Compliance & Security

Healthcare Hardware

Data Centers
& Monitoring


Medical Devices

Healthcare Infrastructure + Products + Applications + Services 0%

Health organizations are implementing innovative digital health strategies. Whether the focus is the cloud, EHRs, machine learning, AI, cybersecurity, or other technologies, leading organizations can fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered and the health consumer experience. Gainfy Network is singular and unique with a comprehensive knowledge of healthcare products and solutions in the sector.

Gainfy Together.

Gainfy Support

Dream Forward

Gainfy Appropriates Twenty Five Percent of Its Gains Toward Communities It Serves. We are focused on the areas of greatest need, on the ways in which we can do the most good from eradicating poverty, providing healthcare, and education.


We believe it’s urgent to deliver medical technology solutions right now – even as we develop innovations for the future. We are passionate about transforming patients’ lives. We are courageous in both decision and action. We believe that good business means a better world.

Reinventing Caseworker Support
“We can see where there may be training gaps across the agency, or if certain individuals need more support in specific areas. Having that data will make us more efficient and effective in our approach to training.”
Paul Hunt


Deskflow Platform
``Entering a partnership is a matter of trust. With Gainfy, I feel confident in their ability to get the job done. I don’t have to think of interactions as a negotiation—and I love that.``
Houston Region

Texas Department of State Health Services

Gainfy Innovation Labs
``Innovation is what's required to move us forward, and we are excited to partner with Gainfy for the ride.``
Berne OFC

Federal Office of Public Health

Gainfy Transparency initiative

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#BeInvolved #StandUnited

We Stand United Against Racial Inequality & Injustice.

As a mission-driven company, dedicated to transforming the health ecosystem, we have a responsibility to reject all forms of prejudice and address the inequities people face every day.

Together We Will Make It.

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Explore what it is really like to work at Gainfy, how to make your mark and improve lives.

We invest in your future, and offer you the opportunity to accelerate the journey toward improved lives and healthier communities.

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