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Blockchain + DLT

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Our blockchain development services

Gainfy helps enterprises implement blockchain-based solutions into their daily operations.

We go beyond cryptocurrencies and offer blockchain development for automating a variety of business processes, from customer data exchange to secure supply chain management and transparent accounting.

Blockchain Strategy 

Leverage blockchain technology to disrupt existing business models and help find the business value in blockchain.

  • Blockchain vision and strategy (e.g., labs, workshops)
  • Business models and objectives (e.g., value proposition, channels)
  • Organizational alignment and readiness (e.g., use case prioritization)

Consortium Strategy

Develop, manage or join an industry consortium.

  • Business case development
  • Consortium operating model design and member engagement plan
  • Incentive model design/fundraising strategy
  • Partner onboarding support requirements and planning

Platform Design

Integrate blockchain technology into existing or new business models.

  • Technology strategy and high-level architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • High-level user stories
  • Vendor assessment and selection

Blockchain audit

In all cases, blockchain audit is a must-have stage before you can further extend and, optimize your blockchain, or adopt a new platform.

  • Assess blockchain architecture and logic, operation, performance, and resistance to network contingencies as part of our blockchain consulting.

Blockchain Architecture

Design the appropriate blockchain structure most effective for your business.

  • Detailed platform architecture design (e.g., keys management, node design)
  • Architecture development roadmap
  • Data management and oversight design

Use Case Design and Implementation

Test blockchain technologies and take pilots into market.

  • Proof of concept/proof of value
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) buildout
  • “Wave one” implementation plan
  • Technology stack development and testing

Managed Blockchain Services

Operate more efficiently and be able to become a market leader in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • New features and app release management

Blockchain Security

  • Evaluate how protected your blockchain implementation is, but also analyze how blockchain can make your business operations more secure in general.
  • Carry out security testing to check how the ledger resists potential fraudulent activities. If any leaks are detected, we will help you restore and reinforce your blockchain solution.
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Blockchain platforms we work with

As a blockchain development company, we help our customers both choose the most suitable blockchain platforms and build custom solutions on top of them. We consider such factors as your business needs, the purpose of blockchain, your available computing power, and budget expectations, to determine the right technology to become the core of your blockchain application development.

  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum
  • Chain
  • MultiChain
  • Tierion
  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Nem
  • Ripple

Blockchain for healthcare

PHI management

  • Health record management
  • PHI storage and sharing
  • Patient consent recording
  • Protected access to clinical test

Healthcare payments

  • Сlaim management
  • Patient billing and healthcare payments
  • Clinical trial and research results management

Care delivery workflows

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