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Gainfy helps you simplify the management of your application environments from mobile to mainframe.

We deliver application management services to fine-tune your application landscape to your IT and business objectives.

01 Assessment… 02 Transition…  03 Execution…

  • Application portfolio analysis
  • Business-IT alignment
  • Ownership identification
  • Application prioritization
  • Metrics identification
  • Roadmap development
  • Operations management
  • Process management
  • Metrics & SLAs management
  • Knowledge management
  • Security management
  • Continuous improvement


Gainfy provides a wide variety of application services, processes and methodologies to help you maintain, enhance and manage your custom, packaged or network- delivered apps.

Enterprise app catalogs

Streamlined app deployment for publicly available or internally developed apps.

User access management

Role-based user access to apps with single sign-on to ensure integrity, security and availability.

App lifecycle management

Smooth distribution, update, management and protection of public and enterprise apps.

Automated configuration

Unified automated configuration of all apps, their settings and applied policies.

User experience

Consistent user experience across mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

App purchasing

App volume purchase program support to help manage and track bulk app licenses.

App lifecycle management

Smooth distribution, update, management and protection of public and enterprise apps.


Compliance and enforcement to stop data leaks and mitigate other security risks.

App performance management

While modern applications can be simple to use, behind the scenes there can be a complex array of microservices, APIs and other backend services, and a lot of things can go wrong.

We build custom application performance management solutions that help you find and fix problems fast, so you can deliver exceptional user experiences for your customers, partners, and employees.

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Change management

Businesses have two main expectations of the applications: apps should be stable, reliable, and predictable, while being able to change rapidly to meet evolving business requirements.

These expectations are in conflict, so the objective of change management is to meet both. Itransition helps you set up efficient change management processes to enable rapid change while minimizing the possibility of disruption.


All proposed changes are evaluated for their benefits and risks, ensuring that all impacts are considered.


All changes are prioritized to allocate the resources to the changes that produce the greatest benefit based on the business needs.


All changes are thoroughly tested, and each deployment includes a back‑out plan to restore the previous state if the deployment fails.

Application security management

We analyze your application portfolio to identify current and potential security vulnerabilities and develop application security recommendations to protect your information assets.

White box

Source code and documentation analysis, along with architectural diagrams, and any other information that will help get a full view of the system.

Grey box

Real-time security tests on live environments plus selective source code analysis in portions identified individually for each client.

Black box

Penetration testing on production environment to simulate an external attacker with no inside knowledge performed as a real world hacker scenario.

Identity and access management

We build Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions so you can be sure that the right users get the right access across local, mobile and cloud environments.

We build custom Application Performance Management (APM) solutions that help you find and fix problems fast, so you can deliver exceptional user experiences for your customers, partners, and employees.

DevOps enablement

We implement DevOps to unite your development and operations into a single, secure and rapid environment ensuring faster and risk‑free Continuous Delivery.

Continuous automated testing
Continuous monitoring

Continuous build & integration
Continuous feedback

Continuous release & deployment
Continuous optimization

Application monitoring

We build solutions that monitor your core applications 24/7 to ensure the entire ecosystem’s uptime. We utilize the following main tools to help identify and troubleshoot issues easily and quickly.

We enable you to optimize the customer journey, improve digital performance, maintain SLAs and enhance application development based on real user insights.


We set up alerts that notify you when things change beyond the specified threshold while minimizing false alarms.


We help you securely keep the logs that hold your raw operational data with the finest level of detail.


We build graphs based on your log data that summarize the trends to help identify abnormal behavior quickly.

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