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Loyalty Program Management System

Our customers benefit from 30 years of expertise in CRM and loyalty. The constantly evolving competence from numerous customer projects is the basis for the automation and algorithms of our software. Like our customers, we rely on leading technology platforms and thus enable self-service. Easy to implement. Seamlessly integrated. Easy to use and comprehensive in functionality.

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Insights + Retention

  • Exclusive market insights for strategic decision support and risk management
  • Higher service line growth through better patient acquisition and retention

ROI + Economical

  • Measure and adjust your growth strategy according to close loop ROI
  • Capitalizes on lower cost digital channels

Flexible + Loyalty

  • Supports future growth and patient journey initiatives
  • Happy patients and consumers using your brand

Communicate + Engage

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of member outreach
  • Boost engagement with current programs and resources

Insights + Planning

  • Predict exactly who will disenroll and proactively reach out to prevent it
  • Create a year-round retention-focused experience across channels

Loyalty + Ratings

  • Retain happier members that participate in their wellbeing
  • Enhance Star (and other quality) ratings and revenue

Super Secure​

We build trust with our world-class privacy and security.

Massive Databases


We combine clinical, engagement, and social determinants data to
really know people.


Personalized Engagement

We reach people where they are and motivate them to take action.


Smart Analytics

We apply machine learning to predict who may or may not take action.


Healthcare DNA​

We cracked the toughest industry first with expertise that crosses markets and industries.

Simply Powerful

Improve partner performance,
grow channel share

Incentive programs that deliver results

Other solutions produce programs that are one-dimensional and stale. Capture provides endless incentive possibilities to ensure partners and customers are engaged and perform their best.

Loyalty and incentives made simple

Capture has taken the complexity out of designing and managing loyalty and incentive programs. Capture’s “point-and-click” onboarding and QuickStart packages mean no more spreadsheets, teams of people, or agency support.

Turn program data into actionable insights

Capture’s analytics engine does all the hard work for you, such as gathering insights, finding top-performing members, calculating the revenue generated from the programs, and more.

Business Intelligence

Four complete product solutions on one platform.

Full insight into the performance

Capture comes with over 20 pre-packaged reports and dashboards to help you garner insights regarding your program’s and partners’ performance.

An easy and simple solution to build powerful channel incentive programs that will generate more channel revenue.

Sales Growth

Marketing and
affiliate payments.

Stage affiliate tools are build to fit any size of marketing teams taken possession of my collaboration and sweet mornings.

Estimate increase

*Base on general network data

Capture Loyalty Management is a comprehensive, technologically advanced system that allows you to create and execute successful loyalty programs with ease. Supporting both B2C and B2B operators, Capture utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning mechanisms to help you identify individual patterns in your clients' behavior and provide offers that are perfectly in line with their preferences.

Extensive Functionalities of
Capture Loyalty Management

The system provides full customer data and analyzed sales statistics to make sure you are always up-to-date with the performance of your loyalty programs.

Not only does it give you quick access to your history of transactions, but it also allows you to easily create, manage, or merge membership accounts.

Capture supports multiple ID classes (plastic cards, virtual cards), plus, it enables you to organize your customer data efficiently using a simple & intuitive interface.

Since many of the large enterprises run their business processes on a global scale, Capture was designed to allow for quick currency conversion.

It enables you to create many different types of loyalty points, and then it facilitates the purchasing process on the user’s side. You can as easily use Capture to transfer points to another account or make a refund, if necessary.

By using our Capture system, you will decide what the rules for marketing activities and loyalty programs are. Our product will help you set your business priorities and create personalized offers based on geolocation.

You will also have access to the Promotions Calendar which provides a complete overview of all of your active programs and campaigns. You can use it to set automatic initiation of your programs if that’s what you need at the time. The system is flexible and fully adaptive to your requirements.

Capture allows you to stay in contact with your customers at every level of their loyalty program participation. Use it to create mass or individual messages (E-mail/SMS/POS/mobile app/website) informing the members about your current product offers and services.

Also, send surveys to collect feedback so you could constantly improve the quality of your loyalty programs. We offer enhanced smart message editors that will help you write engaging content and create many different versions in multiple languages.

Gainfy’s Capture system enables you to come up with various types of rewards that you can give to your most involved customers. Those include discounts, cash-backs, giveaways, vouchers.

The system is a simple yet powerful platform that functions as an extensive e-commerce-based reward catalog, pre-integrated with our online payment solution, with many schemes and patterns to choose from. Create personalized reward offers that will encourage your audience to become even more involved.

Large enterprises are always in contact with their loyalty program partners. Because of that, slight adjustments need to be made every now and again to meet their expectations. That is why Capture also includes a dedicated application called the “Partner Portal.” It enables partners to join the program and start creating promotions for their products or services they offer in no time. What is more, partner representatives are given full access to billing reports about the cost of participation in the program.

Being a Capture user, you will also get to bring our Data Hub into play – a cutting-edge tool for optimizing data exchange processes. It allows users to easily integrate new partners, thus reducing the time and costs of new integrations.

If you’re looking for a solution that will guarantee real-time processing of all of your loyalty transactions, that solution is Capture. The system can definitely serve as an extensive database for your products and stores involved.

Not only is Capture enabled with autonomous fraud detection & prevention mechanisms, but it is also designed to support black-lists administration. Plus, it ensures constant monitoring of loyalty program members’ activity. Any kind of anomalies will be instantly reported to you via alarms & notifications.

Gainfy’s Capture solution allows you to run and host multiple B2B and B2C loyalty programs via a single platform. It enables you to give access to loyalty programs to any authorized parties in a split of a second.

Using Capture, you can set various loyalty program proportions for different countries or regions. It is the most cost-effective solution in terms of hardware and 3rd party software that significantly lowers the cost of system maintenance.

Capture’s Offer Personalization feature, based on advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, allows users to identify their customers’ shopping patterns so they could later prepare offers and product recommendations that meet their clients’ personal needs.

It was designed to let you experiment with various product categories and marketing scenarios so that, in the end, you could provide offers that are most likely to hit the spot. Plus, it also enables you to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value as well as determine what’s the best time for presenting clients with your products and services.

The Loyalty Fraud Detection functionality utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques so you could easily identify non-typical patterns in your loyalty program members’ behavior (accrual and redemption transactions, collecting points, account registrations, and more) in order to prevent any financial drawbacks from happening.

By implementing this feature, you will be instantly reported about any out-of-the-ordinary incident and, as a result, you and your team will be able to react in no time to any potential loyalty fraud cases – before they will cause any damage.

Our Contact Center application was specifically designed to facilitate processes related to the support of loyalty program members, which include communicating with the customers in real-time, as well as managing their data. It involves following a multi-step approval procedure for selected actions performed by Contact Center agents, which serves as an implementation of the four-eyes principle.

Plus, thanks to our intuitive chat – and the AI-powered Chatbot – customers can be served straight away via the member portal, mobile application, or various communication apps such as Facebook Messenger.


Solution Value

Personalized Outreach


Intelligently align the best message and reward with the right people by using predictive analytics.



Experience unmatched industry expertise in consumer outreach, incentive program design, and rewards fulfillment.



Leverage multi-channel, multi-cycles communications to connect and engage.



Leverage incentives to keep consumers motivated, engaged, and loyal.

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Delivering Results That Matter
A regional health plan serving both Medicare Advantage and Dual Eligible populations began to see a decline in their membership. They sought to reduce voluntary disenrollment, while increasing its Star Ratings.

The health plan partnered with Gainfy’s analytics team to pinpoint individuals most likely to disenroll, identify likely causes of disenrollment, and target outreach to retain individuals. Since leveraging analytics services they have seen significant results, including:

- Reduction in disenrollment rates > 22%
- Improved star ratings for disenrollment measure > 2.4 t0 4
- In premium retention $25M to 97M

Alex Regelman

Managing Director, FL

National Health Plan Used Value Based Messaging to Increase Member Retention
A national health plan wanted to target and retain members of their individual plans that were slated for renewal. Along with renewing membership, the plan also wanted to communicate information regarding a rate increase, which would negatively impact members.

To help create and deliver a more compelling message, the health plan partnered with Gainfy's engagement team. Since the implementation of engagement services, they have seen significant results, including:

- 78% of the targeted population was reached
- 8% decrease in terminations

Stacey Rickson

Director, CA

Higher performance from partners and employees. Repeat business and advocacy from customers. Deeper engagement with all.

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Loyalty and incentives made simple

Capture has taken the complexity out of designing and managing loyalty and incentive programs. Capture’s “point-and-click” onboarding and QuickStart packages mean no more spreadsheets, teams of people, or agency support.

capture gainfy
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