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Artificial Intelligence

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Gainfy Edison is Bridging human and artificial intelligence to advance medical diagnostics and beyond.

Our platform integrates seamlessly into many stages of the workflow.


Societies around the globe are producing more data each day than was produced by human beings since the beginning of time.  We are creating data today at such a rate that there are no longer enough qualified humans to analyze and use it.


Gainfy Edison AI family of Cognitive Processes help pair people and machines to collectively interpret fast-changing data and business conditions in real-time. The goal of these processes is to boost employee expertise and operational productivity through machine accumulated insights from internal and external data so that collectively they act more intelligently than any person, group, or computer has ever done before.


Gainfy Edison AI Cognitive Processes pair humans and machines in a variety of engagement patterns. This includes presenting alternative means with evidence to perform the same activity; inserting additional activities; or aborting the current processing and escalating it for human intervention.


These Cognitive Processes are made of accelerators, framework and are configured and managed through Cortex, our Cognitive Process Foundation.

Healthcare Services

Using AI to Solve Healthcare’s Most Costly Problems

Among the biggest contributors to the high cost of healthcare in the U.S. are the inherent complexities and misaligned financial interests of payers, providers, and patients. Gainfy is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify inefficiencies and drive them out of administrative processes in the healthcare system and, as a result, help reduce costs and improve outcomes for payers, providers, and patients.

  • Improve claims lifecycle management
  • Prevent claim denials before they happen
  • Identify missing charges and capture revenue
  • Identify and enroll dual eligibles
  • Reduce care variation and improve order appropriateness
  • Create intelligent workflow

Remarkable research tools built expressly for science

Seamlessly uncover, integrate, and analyze the most relevant data sources, to make the connections that lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

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Experience the power of
Gainfy Edison Artificial Intelligent.

  • Apps and Wearables for Health
  • Big Data – Learning from the EHR
  • Imaging / Image Detection
  • Molecular / GeneticOpen-Source AI Platform / Enterprise AI
  • Payer and Provider Insights
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telemedicine
  • Blood Test / Cancer Detection
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Hospital Operations
  • Objective Pain Analysis
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Recognizing Deteriorating Patients
  • Vitals Analysis

Awards & Honors

The awards won
by our project.

Throughout the year, we garnered multiple industry awards and honors for AI and machine learning, but our customers received awards as well for the work they are doing with our technology.



What our clients
say about our

Head of Innovation
Working with Gainfy has always been really great. Right from the start, they've been one of the few machine learning companies that have really acknowledged our restrictions in terms of what we can and can't do with our data. So a lot of the security features that were implemented in Gainfy -3.0 were built directly for our company.``
Mike Jacobson

DHA, Colorado

NLP Innovation
There's a whole new world of various emotions that you can detect by using NLP methods. (...) This can help you understand the consumer better and bring an empathetic solution in addition to all the other smarts that goes into your AI applications.``
Brian Sachdeva

Director of Data Science and Innovation, Calhealth

Building Models
Gainfy has been the driver for building models at scale. We are talking about billions of claims. You can't do this with standard off the shelf open source techniques.
Laura Morton

Director of Health, UK Health

Gainfy Edison software is backed by 4th highest AI patents and patent portfolio in the industry behind IBM, Google, and Microsoft.

Gainfy Edison Ai+

IBM 0%
Microsoft 0%
Google 0%
Gainfy.Edison 0%
Facebook 0%
NEC 0%
SAP 0%
Fujitsu 0%
Splunk 0%
Samsung 0%
Adobe Systems 0%
Intel 0%

Evolution Accelerated.

A healthier world with more precise and efficient care.

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Gainfy Edison generates the first-ever composite trust score, the AI Trust Index, that measures data and model risks related to Performance, Data Quality, Robustness, Explainability, Fairness, and Compliance.
Gainfy Edison can be applied to any black-box model including machine learning models, statistical models, business rules, and other predictive models and works with a variety of input data.


In order to trust the predictions made by an algorithm, we must be able to measure the effectiveness of the predictions in solving the target business problem

Bias & Fairness

Trusted AI systems ensure that the data and models being used is representative of the real world and the AI models are free of algorithmic biases to mitigate skewed decision making and reasoning, resulting in reasoning errors and unintended consequences


AI systems built using Trusted AI principles and software understand stakeholder concerns for decision interpretability and provide business process, algorithmic, and operational transparency so human users will be able to understand and trust decisions


As with other technologies, cyber-attacks can penetrate and fool AI systems. Trusted AI systems provide ability to detect and provide protection against adversarial attacks while understanding how issues with data quality impact system performance.

Data Quality

Data is the fuel that powers an AI. AI systems built using Trusted AI principles will ensure user visibility around data drifts, data poisoning, and ensure data validity and fit while ensuring legal justifications to use and process the data.


Trusted AI systems take a holistic design, implementation, and governance model that ensures that AI systems operate within the boundaries of local, national and industry regulation and are built and controlled in a compliant and auditable manner.

Gainfy Thrive Ai has been innovating in the artificial intelligence domain for over a decade.

Innovation, transformation, growth, and resiliency.

Understanding and managing clinical variation is foundational for any effort to deliver better care at a lower cost. With smarter healthcare programs and value-based care models, healthcare providers are under immense pressure to identify and enforce best practices that efficiently deliver high-quality care across an entire patient episode. Using unsupervised and semi-supervised machine learning, the Gainfy Thrive Ai solution automatically surfaces groups of similar patient procedures and generates clinical pathways that result in the best patient outcomes at the lowest costs for your local patient population.

Florida-based Flagler Hospital results for pneumonia patients:

  • saved $1,900 per patient
  • Length of stay shortened by two days
  • 7x lower readmission rate

Gainfy Thrive Ai systematic approach to implementation minimizes the burden on IT resources.

Technical Implementation

The technology and data science teams work collaboratively with the customer to align expectations around data exchange, model tuning, and analytic output.

Gainfy Edison is customer-centric technical AI implementation structure that ensures clinical and operational impact while driving the highest levels of adoption and value.

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