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Dispensary Platform

Driven by proprietary technology, Amplicare’s decision-automation platform empowers healthcare providers to simplify workflows, improve patient care, and increase profitability.

Pharmacists play an important role in maintaining the health of communities. Dispensary provides a data-driven solution to help pharmacies efficiently provide comprehensive patient care while driving business growth.

A comprehensive platform packed with powerful features to help pharmacists take informed actions that benefit patients and the pharmacy.

Community Pharmacies
Community Pharmacies

Access all of your patient intervention opportunities in one place. Gainfy Dispensary syncs with your existing pharmacy software and delivers timely notifications directly in your daily workflow. No more wading through multiple dashboards no more missed opportunities.

Chain Pharmacies
Chain Pharmacies

Access the fastest plan comparison tool for your Medicare patients. Gainfy dispensary makes it easy to improve patient retention and increase reimbursement revenues and pharmacy profitability.


OTC & Consumer Healthcare Products Manufacturers partner with dispensary/ to reach a network of independent community pharmacies, we help optimize placement and awareness of OTC pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products.

Payer Organizations
Payer Organizations

Pharmacies are at the center of their community to reach patients and populations that need value-based care by driving medication adherence, measuring patient outcomes, and making patient satisfaction a priority.


A Pharmacy Engagement Platform that Drives Results.


At Gainfy, we understand how a changing healthcare industry landscape challenges pharmacy profitability. That’s why we designed our software to help you identify clinical opportunities that not only help your patients but also drive bottom-line growth for your pharmacy.

Improve Pharmacy Performance
Workflow Optimization

Dispensary sends real-time notifications in your workflow when filling for patients with specific actions that increase your performance measures and decrease DIR fees.

Custom Implementation

When it comes to running a pharmacy, one size does not fit all. Find solutions tailored to your business needs.

Personalized Care

Improve patient satisfaction with proactive recommendations that address their specific health concerns.

Performance Tracking

Get visibility into your pharmacy’s performance, whether you manage one store or multiple locations.

Continuous Iteration

We’re always adapting to our customers’ needs and growing our platform around the people who use it most.


Customizable features give you control over what your patients receive.

Personalize communications with messages recorded in your own voice.

Working hours
were spent

Automated messaging takes the hard work out of patient outreach.

Reach the right patients at the right time with enhanced targeting.

Consistent communications relevant to patient health help maintain adherence and increase retention.


We help to achieve
mutual goals.

``We have been clients of Dispensary for quite a few years, across 5 locations. Myself and my partners have used other systems, and have found that no one can offer us the package that Dispensary does ---their pricing is aggressive, their support is fast and reliable, they are eager to make changes in the software to keep up with the industry changes and our needs as clients, and if I need the support, I can get him on the phone. We would not leave Dispensary for the competition - they aid in our overall success.``
Russ Y.


Pharmacy +
``We are a very busy retail pharmacy and Dispensary is the key to our success! Pharmacy software, POS, delivery system, and IVR. In the past, we had two other software vendors that did not meet our needs. The support team at Dispensary is very helpful and knowledgeable. Gainfy Dispensary is up to date with the latest features and technology to help operate a pharmacy.
Stacy R.

Director OP

Advanced Support
``I have worked with Dispensary for that last 3 years at multiple pharmacies and when I opened my own pharmacy last year it was a “no-brainer” to use their pharmacy software as well as their POS. Their software is state of the art, user friendly, and always updating to the newest technology available. I can’t speak enough about the employees at Dispensary as they are extremely knowledgeable and always very helpful. If you are looking for a top-notch company to be an important aspect of your pharmacy then look no further.``
Laura J.


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